Comfort is not your friend.

If you’re unable to stand the discomfort that naturally arises in your body when you think about things you need to do in order to live your true purpose . . .

. . . reaching out to people for opportunities
. . . being more open with a vulnerable heart
. . . speaking up, even when it’s scary
. . . risking rejection

. . . If you can’t stand this discomfort, you’ll never see your dream come into being. You will retreat from the discomfort, back into comfort in order to feel somewhat “okay” in the moment.

Comfort is not your friend.

After the most potent spiritual awakening experiences I’ve been through, it was not COMFORT that I was left living with, it was ECSTATIC love and joy.

How often do you mistake comfort for true joy?

Even though all the wonderful people in our community have been doing their personal and spiritual work for a long time there is a dynamic that happens around the energy of comfort that keeps us from creating the life we want.

This video sheds some light on this.

If you are making a lot of excuses recently about why you are not moving forward very easily or quickly, watch this video today.

If you know you are hugging your comfort zone too tightly, watch this and learn a practice to free yourself.

Comfort is not liberation. Comfort is not spiritual evolution. It’s a trap.

Art of Feminine Presence® Weekend Intensive

This 3-day live experience will train your body and energetic system to be more visible, courageous, and magnetic, so you can become well compensated and respected as a feminine leader.

It will answer many questions you’ve had on your spiritual journey  . . .  like why you are still re-creating the same challenges even after doing so much work on yourself.

This is more than just a weekend to integrate and embody more of your feminine energy and power . . .

It’s more than just time to get away from the stress of life and give yourself time to feel what wants to emerge from you next . . .

It’s more than important psychological, emotional, and somatic work that will take you to the next level of your ability to powerfully communicate . . .

. . . and it’s all that.

It’s a path to spiritual realization. It can be your path to liberation.

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