After hearing about the story from several people, I finally sat down to study the heated interaction between Tony Robbins and the woman supporting the #MeToo movement at a recent event of his.

If you haven’t heard, Tony’s statements about anger being a way to be in “victimhood” created a lot of backlash.

I saw things in this interaction that few people are talking about because of our mind’s addiction to “right” and “wrong” thinking. The media and people supporting the #MeToo movement quickly jumped to a hard judgment: “Tony Robbins was wrong to say that,”  and he has since apologized.

I disagree with Tony that anger isn’t helpful. Neither do I believe that if we feel anger we are necessarily playing the victim. We could be—but it’s not a given. We can use anger and protest in ways that are helpful instead of in ways that will cause us more upset and not protect us from repeating the past.

Here’s the video.

Please post your comments below.  I’d love to hear what you think.  I don’t want to hear whether you think Tony was “right” or “wrong.”  He said many things in his spiel.  Let’s get past the black-and-white thinking that is hurting us.  I’d love to know if you up for a more refined and subtle conversation about it.  If so, post below what you learned from what happened or about what I shared in this week’s Awaken TV video.

Much love,
Rachael Jayne