You are made up of many parts.

The Seeker, the Controller, the Authentic Self, the Infinite Presence—and the part of you that tends to beat yourself up with negative talk are just a few of these ‘parts.’

People often get confused, angry, or fearful, and stall on their dreams because they don’t know which ‘part’ is talking and which part is real and truthful.

There are 3 significant parts of you that you must become a master at observing, otherwise your mental suffering and emotional suffering will continue. One makes you feel horrible, one gets you excited, and one makes you feel relaxed.

If you have a decision to make or are confused about something, watch this description of these 3 parts here.

If you are unsure how to see a situation clearly without your ego running amok, watch this.

If you are only used to observing 2 of these, you do not have the full picture. Most people only observe 2 out of these 3—which slows the awakening process.

Watch the Awaken TV episode here.


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