I want your take on this.
I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and writing over the past week in preparation for this new year and one question I’ve been contemplating has been: What are the most important skills to develop considering the times we live in?
There were 3 critical skills that came to mind above all else, given the current political and social climate and given the amount of desire there is within our tribe to have a large positive influence on raising the consciousness of the planet.
It’s just a 4½ minute video to help make sure your sights are on skills that can make the most difference to your ability to inspire and influence as well as to raise your day-to-day happiness levels.   You may or may not be here to ‘Save the Planet,’ but I know you are here to experience more of your potential this year—while you make an impact that feels meaningful.
Watch the video here and let me know if you agree, or if there are other skills you think are more important than these.

Much love,