It was an unlikely place to receive such a big aha about my life.

Datta and I decided that for our last day off in Japan, we would visit Fuji-Q to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Fuji-Q is an amusement park people from all over the world visit because they have some of the highest, fastest, and scariest rollercoasters on the planet. We thought it would be fun, after my much-younger brother had visited and said it would be awesome!

One of the rollercoasters stops completely still for just for a moment at the very top of its run— and that was when the insight came. In this weirdest of places, this insight confirmed to me the reason we feel emotional pain, and how to stop the suffering.

I shot this week’s Awaken TV in Fuji-Q. It’s a fun episode and an important reminder for all of us who struggle from time to time with the way things unfold in our life.

Watch it here and get some laughs (at my expense). Just so you know, I will not be riding a rollercoaster like that EVER AGAIN!

I’d love to hear from you below the video. Post a comment about what this means for you.

Much love,