Blame is toxic.
Blaming something (or someone) outside of yourself makes it impossible to create what you want.
When we blame we give away our power. However, we still do it in small ways and sometimes big ways.
The funny thing is that with all the people I get to meet and work with, the biggest blamers are the ones who don’t know they are doing it.
If you don’t think you blame others much and you are committed to your path of awakening I urge you to watch this week’s Awaken TV.
If you are irritated by others who blame and don’t take responsibility this is definitely one to watch.

Freedom, peace, joy, and not getting triggered are some of the potential outcomes if you take part in this week’s practice that I share on the video.
Post a comment below the video with your insights on this. I would love to hear from you.
Much love,
Rachael Jayne