Does this sound familiar?

You start to dream bigger for your career, your business, or your life. But soon after you see the ‘grand vision’ in your mind’s eye, you get overwhelmed with what it will really mean for your life, your family, or your sense of balance.

One of the most common problems that keeps people from moving full steam ahead into creating the life of their dreams is OVERWHELM.

The long and the short of it is, you must look at what overwhelm really is and its role. It’s there to keep you safe and away from you taking action toward your dream.

If you are stuck in this pattern of overwhelm, watch this week’s episode of Awaken TV. It’s a clip from our Awaken Your Impact event where I share some key insights into how I have dealt with overwhelm, and how I have grown into a woman who doesn’t let fear of a big vision slow me down — the way it used to.

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