Which is winning…

Your safety zone or your fully courageous self-expression zone?

Which of these is winning…

What you have done for years, or the new and improved way to exercise, work, relate to those you love, or share your message to the masses?

It might feel good to slip back into your comfort zone, as the risk is so much lower.

There are no new people you need to reach out to with your offerings or ideas and face possible rejection.

There is no need to face yourself when you realize you are not yet amazing at the skill you want to be amazing at.

There’s no need to put in late nights working on the creative endeavors that mean the most to you. Instead you can just binge on your Netflix or social media accounts . . . or some of that new red wine.

Problem is . . .

That comfort soon turns into discomfort because you know you want more.

Your full potential has not gone away. Sensing your grand potential can bring discontent because you are not experiencing your higher self through your body and expressing yourself in this world.

That is where the tension is . . .

You want to do what it takes to experience the power of your life force pulsing through your body as you do what you came here to do, but then you find yourself thinking . . .

Why the HECK would I want to put myself through all the things I have to do to make that happen?

We all have this push-pull dynamic in some area of our life as we attempt to break out of the comfort zone.

In this week’s Awaken TV episode I outline 5 quick, practical ways you can manage the tension between really wanting to live your vision and the ego that is trying to move you on back to the safety zone.

Managing this tension is the skill you need to master if you are truly going to take the brakes off in your life.

Watch it here:

Much love,

Rachael Jayne
P.S. I’d love to hear from you below the video. Let me know if you have any tips for managing this tension or questions for me.