There may a role you need to resign from soon. A role that is not serving you well. It might even be making you unwell.

I realized this week there was a role I had taken on (unknowingly) that wasn’t serving me. It drained me in certain situations and kept me from reaching more people with my work.

This came to light at the same time my husband surprised me with an announcement that he was resigning from one of his roles in the company we’ve built together over the past 13 years.

He has been in the role of ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ for our team for many years. That has been a role he gladly and proudly took on. Now his main focus is on his books and new programs on creativity and spirituality. He felt his past primary focus on others’ needs rather than his soul’s calling is not in his, mine, our team’s, or our clients highest interests.

I completely agree with him.

The role I’m resigning from is what I call the ‘Towboat Captain.’

I sincerely hope that our resignation letters inspire you to resign from a role that is keeping you stuck, draining your life force and not in alignment with Divine Truth.

Check out the Awaken TV episode that shares more details about the Towboat Captain and why I had to let it go.

What are you ready to resign from? Please leave your own resignation letter under the video as I’d love to support you in this process too.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne