Here’s a question for you.
What do you do when you lack the commitment and discipline required for something that would propel your dream forward?
Most people attack this problem the wrong way: they simply try to ‘push through.’
If you push through and then resent it, you will only create mediocre results—at best.
Neither can you just wait for inspiration to strike.
Watch this week’s short Awaken TV video to understand the underlying root that creates low commitment and discipline, as well as a specific practice that will kick you into gear to make you feel aligned and great.

Unique Private Mentoring Opportunity with Rachael Jayne
People have been asking me about smaller projects that they want my help on. For example:
– how to create their own certification program
– how to create a solid speech that sells
– how to overcome limiting behaviors and beliefs that hold them back
– how to plan for a multi-6-figure to million-dollar business
I have only 6 spots available for people to work privately with me. Check out this short video today to find out more about my journey as a mentor and a quick explanation of how the application process works.
The financial investment is not small. Do not apply if you are not committed to investing financially in your future. Remember, it’s never about the money. It’s about what you want, and what that is worth to you.
Here’s the link to the application—for action takers and those eager for more in their life:
Together we can become clear on whatever you want, and move quickly toward making that happen.