It’s a personal development myth. . .

“You should always feel your feelings.”

In an era where many spiritual seekers fall prey to the curse of “over-processing,” it’s important to look at when it’s helpful to feel your emotions and when it’s not helpful.

In certain situations, feeling your feelings can keep your own unconscious dysfunction in play.

In the last two weeks there were several times where uncomfortable emotions surfaced for me. I could have chosen to suppress them instead of feeling them. Or I could have processed them for hours when it was just my body and mind’s biological and chemical habits that had been retriggered (a habit I was trying to change).

In this week’s Awaken TV episode, I give you 4 examples of when intense feelings might arise.

  • I believe two of these examples fall into the category called NOT THE TIME to feel your feelings
  • And the other two examples fall into the category called A HEALTHY TIME to feel your feelings

These important distinctions could help you to have more beneficial conversations with those close to you versus getting tied up in the usual emotional knots.

Knowing when it’s best to process emotions and when it’s not the time could also help you to unpack why you might procrastinate with important things.

Watch the video here.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne