I’m in love.

This week we’ve been in Japan, leading our Art of Feminine Presence Level 2 Teacher Training.

I’m totally in love with the Japanese. They are so lovely, so service-oriented, and so full of gratitude. I would go so far as to say that in general they do not take things as much for granted as westerners do.

Plus, Datta and I got to spend our 8th wedding anniversary there, and I’m definitely more in love with my protector and handsome hubby every year. It was one of my most enjoyable weeks of my year so far.

But what happens when you have a week where someone really pisses you off and you can’t shake it for days, if not weeks?

You and I know may how to forgive and let go of irritation fairly quickly, but when it’s a really hurtful thing, it can be hard. It can take a lot of our energy and time thinking about that person.

Watch this short video on how to move on and stay true to yourself.


The final two Art of Feminine Presence® Intensives of 2016 are in Calgary, Canada and Nagano, Japan in October.
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