For decades there has been controversy, misunderstanding, misinterpretations, revolts, blame, and lots of emotion centered around the word “feminine.” So what does the word actually mean?

Some people want to bring the word “feminine” to the foreground and have more focus on embodying it, while others want it to go away saying it’s irrelevant, and that it just puts us in a box that no one belongs in.

Given Art of Feminine Presence® has been my life’s work, the main program that I teach, and a profound path of spiritual realization and authentic confidence for me, I wanted to explain what I mean by “feminine” and why I think many are quick to tear this concept down these days.

We live in an era of marginalized groups. Whether you align with the transgendered group, the women of color group, the Latino group, the Asian group, the gay group, the bi-sexual group, a religious or spiritual group, a feminist group, a 12-step group, a political group, or so on, I believe this conversation relates to us all.  Over the last 9 years of teaching this work we have welcomed people representing all of these groups to this work. From what I can tell, even though I don’t understand all the ins and outs of the challenges faced by specific groups I have compassion and love for all of them.

We work on 3 aspects of awareness in Art of Feminine Presence® and all levels are important for every human to consider if we are to live a happy functional life in a human body. Within each of these levels we work with the mind, body, and energy (spirit) because an integrated approach always accelerates awareness rather than just working on one aspect of a human being. The reason we only allow women or those who identify with being a woman (transgendered) is because we are working to help cure women of the self-consciousness, competition, and fear that comes up more strongly when men are present.  We want to create the safest and easiest environment to work with these complex topics at first, then introduce men into the equation at other trainings we do throughout the year.

The 3 aspects of awareness.

Pure Consciousness (Presence)
The “all that is” consciousness is everywhere, including within each of us. It does not go away. It’s not damageable.  It’s always present. It is a spiritual essence that permeates and animates everything.
Within the body it often feels very vertical in nature and you can connect with it strongly through the subtle vertical core of your body. It radiates out to join with the “all that is” field.  I call it at times “The Undeniable Matrix.”  This is not masculine, feminine, or human. It is pure energy. During Art of Feminine Presence® we help women get in touch with this unshakeable present part of themselves.

Yin and Yang Balance (Non-resistance)
I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s critical that we work with issues of our humanness and the limitations of our mind, body, and energy for us to be free of the mental habits, emotional habits, and defense mechanisms of the mind that keep our ego running the show. In the process of awakening it’s important to realize that we are all parts of nature.  We are patient and impatient, we are cold and warm, we are receptive and directive, we are leaders and followers, we are fluid and rigid. Every aspect of us and of humanity serves a specific purpose. If we decide we want to be less reactive, we need to be non-resistant to every part within us, which means we fall in love with and integrate all the parts of us; both dark and light. If the present moment calls for particular energies like anger and protest, we could bring them up and use them.  If another moment called for energies like stillness and patience we could bring those forward and use them.

During Art of Feminine Presence® we help women accept all parts of themselves so they don’t resist any one part. This lessens the hold of past memories and habitual ways of being and supports them to realize themselves as pure consciousness in more moments.

Primary Sexual Essence (Life Force)
Our life force is intricately tied to our awakening process. Our sexuality is part of that life force.  If we disconnect from our sexuality we can easily create kinks in the hose of our life force, which can block us from feeling the “pure consciousness” that resides in our core. Many women in the pursuit of equality with men, productivity in the workplace, or as a way to feel safer in the world, have shut down or misuse their sexuality.

We all can access the “masculine essence” and “feminine essence” within us, but one is primary.  When we fully access our primary sexual essence and let it flow, we feel happier, more magnetic, healthier, sexier, more connected to the present moment, and much more. In my work with thousands of women from different cultures and backgrounds I believe that 90 – 95% of women have a primary “sexual essence” as what I and other teachers call the “feminine essence.”  Many women don’t even realize that it is shut down. This is not the spiritual part of us; this is the human sexuality part of us. If it gets denied, challenges can occur in a woman’s life, if it is her primary essence. For example, if a woman’s body runs a lot of masculine essence energy for a long time her body will burn out because most feminine bodies were not meant to run on masculine energy long-term. She may start to feel anger and resentment towards the world when this energy shuts down, and may often become unwell physically and emotionally.

During Art of Feminine Presence® we help women access this life force, and subsequently the healing, insight, and joy that arises when they allow more of their primary sexual essence to not be repressed or misused.

We humans are never going to agree on everything. We are all at different stages of growth and perceive things differently given our history, culture, and the groups we identify with. The only way to stop so much fighting as humans and tearing down others because of their beliefs and the way they communicate is for more of us to realize our true nature as a conscious being who is connected to everyone and everything.

I personally love the dance between these three aspects, because when intertwined I believe awakening is accelerated.

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Thanks for being part of our community.

Much love,
Rachael Jayne