Have you ever had the fear that if you really put yourself out there and expressed yourself in a larger way that people might think, or even say to your face, “you are a fraud”?

It’s one of the most common fears I see in my work as I midwife people through huge breakthroughs to become fully and courageously expressed.

After all, it’s a pretty serious statement for someone to say to you, or even say behind your back.

The fear makes sense. If you’re honest, you’ve probably called someone else a fraud or a phony or lacking in integrity, at some point in your life, so what will stop others judging you in the same way?

I want to cut to the heart of this fear and pull it apart.

This fear is stopping you!

– From truly being seen and acknowledged for your greatness and zone of genius
– From creating momentum in your career
– From fully answering your soul’s call
– From speaking the truth
…and more!

Watch this week’s Awaken TV episode here to finally get a handle on this fear.

If you are not fully in the flow of your divine calling and not taking massive action, then you need to watch this now.

I say some pretty controversial statements in this video, so I would love to hear what you think. You can leave a comment below the video.

Much love,
Rachael Jayne