Picture this…
Last year at The Awakening event I asked two questions of the audience, and gave them time to journal on what arose for them:
Question 1) What would happen if you WERE wildly successful in your business?
Question 2) What would happen if you WERE NOT successful in your business?
What would you write down?
If you are not in business for yourself, substitute the word business for career, or anything you really want to create in your life.
Take a moment to jot a few things down for each of these questions and then watch this!
In this video I show you the interaction I had with a woman who was courageous enough and transparent enough to be the first at the mic sharing what came up for her.
In this process, not only will you see the quickest way to eradicate limiting beliefs, but you’ll see a direct path out of anxiety and into powerful non-attachment that brings peace and excitement.
So many people have fears that won’t budge. It stops them from playing full out with their purpose. If you feel at all like you have the brakes on, please take a few minutes to watch this process and breathe it into your life.
All the limiting beliefs that kept me playing with one foot in and one foot out have been demolished by this one line of questioning you’ll discover here.

Much love,
Rachael Jayne
P.S. I’d love to hear what came up for you when you answered these questions. You can leave a comment or question under the video.