Before the holiday gift shopping season gets into full swing, I wanted to send you this message.

There is a big difference between a commodity and a gift.

Exchanging commodities is impersonal. It doesn’t move the relationship forward. It places more focus on the amount of money that was paid for the item. A commodity could be just something to stuff a stocking with to make it look like more has been given.  A commodity could be a box of candy because it’s easy to obtain while forgetting how much sugar will be digested by the recipient. A commodity could be an appliance that someone might need more than desire.

Exchanging gifts creates a stronger relationship once the gift is given because it’s personal. The amount paid for the item is not significant. The gift comes from the heart and the primary desire is to honor and connect with the person you’re giving the gift to.

If you were to only give gifts this season, what gifts would make the bond stronger between you and the person you are gifting to?

Here’s a quick video of some of the best gifts that I’ve ever received that was not at all about the price of the item or items.

I think you’ll get some good ideas from it.

My hope is that in this age of over-consumerism, when we have a need to reduce environmental impacts from manufacturing, at a time where connection to our fellow humans is of great importance, people can think differently about the gifts they are giving.

Changing from giving commodities to giving true gifts may take a little extra time to think through, but in the end will make your relationships stronger.

What can you give that will make a true difference?

Watch the video here.

Please share this video with others that might benefit from these ideas.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne