There has been so much to celebrate recently:

A successful Australian event tour including our first Level 3 Art of Feminine Presence,

the release of the 2nd edition of my international best-seller Powerful and Feminine,

My TEDx talk, which you can watch here

and significant up-leveling in physical strength, energy, intuition, and inner peace.

When someone looks like they are living in the flow of their soul’s calling, it’s easy to think that it’s always been easy for them.  Not true!

That’s why I thought that sharing some of the toughest lessons I had to go through in my career would be an interesting topic for this week’s Awaken TV episode.

These lessons hurt!

They stuck around for a while. But of course, like every good lesson, there is a realization that propels us to the next evolutionary stage and next expansion in our spiritual awakening journey.

>> Here are the 5 toughest lessons in my business career.<<

In the video, I share the outcomes that catapulted our success after I finally ‘got with the program’ and learned my lessons. I hope these will help you to not stay stuck in the same way that I did.

Watch it here.

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Much love,

Rachael Jayne