These three New Year’s resolutions have made tremendous long-term differences to my life.  They have significantly increased my life force, my health, my happiness, my ability to not be triggered by others, and to feel full of gratitude and wonder most days.

Watch the video here and under the video I’ve posted more details on how to incorporate these three actions for best success.

Habits trump good intentions and resolutions, every day of the week. Start off the year right by setting yourself up with habits like these.  Check out the video here.

Tips for Resolution #1: Not leaving my bedroom after I wake up until I am feeling centered in my heart, grateful, and not attached to what the day will bring.
My ritual is to meditate first thing in the morning. There are many ways to meditate, and one of the ways I find most helpful to bring me into this state is less focus on something (a candle, my breath, a mantra) and more focus on embodying receptivity and relaxation. Once I have meditated I will do some writing communication with my Higher Power and receive any answers I currently want wisdom about. If I still find myself resistant to anyone or anything I have to do that day, I will spend a few minutes in a forgiveness practice, mentally rehearsing how I want to show up that day.

When I open my bedroom door to greet my hubbie (who almost always wakes an hour before me) I am feeling light and expanded. I go from this time alone to my simple exercise routine to get my heart rate up and get even more ready for my day.

Tips for Resolution #2: Eating veggies for breakfast. YUM!
I steam my favorite organic veggies for about 10 minutes. Sometimes people cannot comprehend eating a bowl of veggies in the morning as it’s not culturally accepted practice but try it for a week and see how you feel. Being vegan for almost 20 years now I know the importance of good fats, proteins, and lots of greens. You can drizzle your favorite oil and herbs and salt over the veggies for taste.  We use either organic olive oil, organic flax oil, or organic virgin coconut oil.  I sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt a lot of nutritional yeast over my veggies which curbs cravings and the mid-morning need for a snack.  You can add a few almonds or walnuts to the veggies for more substance, if you need that.
If you start with carbs in the morning you’ll crave more of them during the day. If you still hold the belief that eating lots of veggies won’t give you enough protein, do your research thoroughly, it’s simply not true if you are eating good oils, nuts and some small amounts of plant-based protein.

Tips for Resolution #3: Hiring a Personal Trainer for weight resistance training and accountability.
The first time I hired a personal trainer it was back in my early and mid-twenties.  It was a life-changing decision because she helped me to get the core strength I needed to heal my lower back from the on and off pain I’d been having since I was 15. I gave it up when I moved to the States and slowly over time lost strength and my back started playing up again. I was walking almost every morning, but something was missing.
I’m back with a personal trainer for the last 13 months and again it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It keeps me accountable.  I committed for 1 year so I couldn’t get out of it.  I’ve now just committed to another year.  The best thing ever is that my trainer does the trainings over skype and I can do the weight resistance training from anywhere in the world, safely, slowly and my strength has massively increased.  Datta works with her as well and also loves the results he’s been getting. If you are interested in Skype training you can reach out to our trainer, Ana Nieto, here:
I’m a full believer now that weight-bearing exercise, done the right way, is more important than cardio.  Ana can share more about why if you talk to her.

That’s it for the tips.  Have a great start to your year!  I’m looking forward to stepping things up and giving you even more valuable information and inspiration on this Awaken TV blog and YouTube channel. If you are not subscribed to get the weekly notifications on YouTube, click subscribe here:

Feel free to post your most significant New Year’s Resolutions below.

Much love,