Two weeks ago something was mirrored back to me that shocked me.

I’d traveled to Chicago for a speech and workshop. After a long day of travel, visiting with a local friend, and getting to Whole Foods so I could stock my fridge with organic vegan goodness, I was tired.

I thought to myself, I would love to have some help carrying my bags.

I walked into the hotel lobby to be greeted by a woman who said: “Welcome Mrs. Groover. You are our guest of the day!”

What happened after that humbled me at how easy I still reject gifts that the Universe wants to send to me.

Find out about the magic moment that occurred and the unconscious choice I made that surprised me here.

I believe my story may mirror your life in some way. It’s a short video with your weekly practice.


We are hitting the road for an international book tour this year. My new book Divine Breadcrumbs: A Search for True Love and Enlightenment is being released in a few weeks.

I will be traveling in the USA and Australia and I’m open to speak to your group. Are you part of a group of World-Changers, Light-Workers, Conscious Entrepreneurs, or a community that is dedicated to their own personal growth? If you have a group of 50 or more people, let me know and I could possibly stop by and speak for free. It might be a business networking group, church, book club, or annual conference. Reach out and we can talk options. I’d love to meet more of our tribe on the road this year.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne