Goosebumps, tears, anger, inspiration. . .

I felt it all while reading the new book DIFFERENT.

My husband Datta Groover is the author. Datta has been a writer all his life but this is his first novel . . . and it’s brilliant!

I am biased, yet I’m not.  I love my husband dearly, but I am not an easy sell when it comes to fiction.

I read a lot of non-fiction, but this story got to me . . . and many others, too.  You can see the early reviews here today and return to this page to get your copy on March 12 when it is released.

On Tuesday March 12 we’ll be giving everyone $5 off the book as well as offering a package with the book that is what we think is an ‘out of this world’ HUGE VALUE!

In the meantime, watch my short interview with my hubby here about the book, his writing process, and what it takes to complete a novel of this magnitude.


Topics I’ll be covering include:

  • How to exponentially expand your capacity to receive
  • What shifts you need to make within your energetic field in order to fully live your purpose, without fear
  • How to become more magnetic and fully self-expressed through your body, energy, and voice
  • Using voice dialogue to lessen the feeling of overwhelm, fear, and confusion while accelerating your journey towards consistent spiritual freedom.


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Rachael Jayne