The Kilauea volcano is erupting and many of us here on the Island of Hawai’i are feeling the instability.

We are too far away to consciously feel the volcano’s effect. However, many of our Art of Feminine Presence® sisters are feeling some volatility inside of themselves.

This short video I shot from here explains about how critical it is that you deal with your own instability in a specific way. If you are committed to your own enlightening process to be free of the stress and tension in your body and life, please watch this important message here.


I am opening up our home for 10 people to join me
for what I am calling the PURE POTENTIAL INCUBATOR. I’m also leading one of these in Australia later this year.

Strategies and tactics are important, but that is not what these 2 days are all about. It’s about getting your direction right first.  Many people start their next professional endeavor with the wrong map because they don’t listen to their higher calling clearly enough to begin with.

Watch the short video invitation here and apply if you feel called.  Trust your heart: you’ll know if you are meant to be here or not.

This time to retreat and receive powerful insights is for you if:
– You feel stagnant or a little bored but know you want to make a bigger difference
– You are not fully happy even though you are outwardly successful in your career
– You have a business coach helping you with strategies, but want to take some time to really feel into the next stage for you
– You know something big is coming for you and want clarity around that
– You are committed to having your higher self lead your life, and let your strategic mind follow.

On this page I share more of the details of who this is for and who it’s not for.

Apply today, as there are 10 spaces open in a PURE POTENTIAL INCUBATOR.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne