How often do you find yourself in a situation with other people and feel you don’t quite belong?

If it’s often, please watch this week’s Awaken TV episode. I think it could help you.

If the feeling ‘I don’t belong’ makes you pull back from sharing your truth, expressing your brilliance, receiving support from those around you, then definitely watch this.
Being able to access a deep sense that you belong is an important part of your spiritual awakening journey, as well as your ability to share the gifts you came here to share.

When you don’t feel completely safe with a group, or don’t feel like you measure up to the other members in the group, what do you do?

First, you must to see the addictive cycle of the thought ‘I don’t belong,’ and see what’s underneath it.  I’ll show you how to work with this and other critical steps in this video

The truth is you DO belong.

But it HURTS when you contract against this truth.

It’s time to consistently feel that you belong – in any situation. 

The feeling of belonging has very little to do with the group that is making you feel like you’re on the outside. True belonging is inside of you.

Watch the video now.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne