Energetic patterns are everywhere.  These patterns affect our lives more than most of us realize.

I’m currently in the middle of our Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher Training in Australia and seeing repeating energetic patterns with these beautiful, courageous women.

I stepped out of the training for a moment to shoot this video to bring your attention to some important things about your own energy, especially in relationship to why things are occurring (or not occurring) in your life.

Often women say that after doing tons of personal development, Art of Feminine Presence® is ‘the missing piece.’ I hear this repeatedly because it brings multiple important developmental areas together at the same time – spiritual, shadow, psychological, physical, energetic, group dynamics, and more.

Mastering our own energy is something we haven’t been taught, so when we finally realize how our energy is sending a particular signal—and that we can change it—situations and relationships around us start to change a lot faster in very positive ways.

Check out the video here and see where I might be talking about you or others you know. I’d love you to post a comment or question below the video, and help clear up any confusion you might have.

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Much love,

Rachael Jayne