It’s easy to lose energy to another person.

It can happen in seconds.

Your kids, your partner, your clients, your boss…

Does it sometimes feel that people and crises are pulling you in all sorts of directions?

Do you ever wonder where to find the time to follow your own desires—or to even feel your own desires?

Until you stabilize your energy system and live connected to the core of your body, I’m sorry to say. . .

. . .the lack of life force, lack of flow, or lack of inspired action will CONTINUE.

If you don’t want to be drained by others, that is the kind of liberation I can guide you towards.

It’s not that I never get drained being around others.  I’m an introvert after all, so I love my alone time.  But it’s rare. And in my line of work I’m around a lot of people who want my time and attention.

I’ve just completed the Art of Feminine Presence® Weekend Intensive here in Melbourne with 170 women attending from across Australia and New Zealand.  It was a surprise to see so many ‘Diffusers’ in the room.  Diffusers are those who lose their energy to others very easily.

I would go so far to say it’s a CHRONIC issue for many women.

Even though most of our attendees have been on a personal and spiritual growth path for a decades many were shocked to discover things about their own energy that answered A LOT of their unanswered questions.

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Art of Feminine Presence® Weekend Intensive.

We have two more for 2019 and they are in the USA!
>> Atlanta (August 23 – 25)
>> Southern California (October 4 – 6)

If you resonate with any of these questions, please join us this year for this powerful and practical training:

Are you a woman who wants to be respected and noticed in a bigger way but can admit you are hiding in some ways?

Does fear stop you from putting yourself ‘out there’ even though you are living your purpose to some degree?

Are you sick of seeing others on your social media feed who are less talented and less in integrity, while making more money and impact than you are?

Do people sometimes drain your energy, or do you often feel exhausted at the end of the day?

Are you looking for answers as to why you are not easily attracting the opportunities you want?

Along with a purposeful, abundant life, do you want to attract the rare breed of a conscious and sexy mate, or are you looking to increase the attraction, harmony, and intimacy in your current long-term relationship?

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I hope you can join us.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne