I want to show you how I set my target business goals, and what I did last week to celebrate our team hitting so many of them this year.

Setting goals for 2019 is important.  You need to point yourself in the direction you want to go. However, if you are too rigid, you might lose faith if you keep missing your target numbers. Therefore within our company we set 3 types of numbers that we target.  For example, if we have an event coming up we have 3 target goals for the number of attendees we attract.

The first target goal we set is our ‘Must Do Number.’  This is a number we are 100% committed to reaching. It’s the number we don’t budge on and which keeps us accountable to action, no matter what.  This is a number we know we can do because we’ve done it before and have a clear and tested plan on how to meet or exceed this number.  If we get close to an event and we haven’t hit this number, we shift everything into high gear and never give up.  That’s why it’s called the ‘must-do’ number. If you don’t have a “I’ll do anything it takes number” you won’t ever trust that you will do what it takes to make your dreams come true. This might be the most important number of all, even though it’s not the number that we are aiming for.

The second target goal we set is our ‘Happy Number.’  This is the number we are planning to achieve.  Our clear and tested plan shows us the specific ways on how to reach this number. This is the number that most people call their goal, but I think it hurts your belief in yourself if you just have one number that you either hit or miss. We almost always hit our Happy Number – because we always have a carefully laid-out plan.

The third target goal we set is our ‘Ecstatic Number.’  It’s something we stretch for, because why limit ourselves? This is the number we really want and are open to because we enjoy living in our potential and not just in ‘reality.’  We’re open to a miracle or some awesome opportunity coming our way that allows us to surpass our ‘Happy Number’ goal.  We are extra happy when we hit this goal.

At a recent event we were almost at our ‘Ecstatic Number’ and as a joke one of our team said if we surpass the ecstatic goal, they were going to cannonball in the hotel pool.  I innocently asked, “What’s a cannonball?”  I found out it’s what they call ‘bombing’ in Australia and was something I’d never done.  I was always the ‘graceful diver’ type.

I volunteered for a ‘Cannonball Number’ too and see what happened here.  My husband happily captured me and one of our inner circle members in my first ever Cannonball.  What do you think of my form?

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