We just arrived home from our vacation in Hawaii after 2 months on the road with trainings and speaking engagements.
One thing I saw over and over again was how hard it is for people to feel their desires enough to CLARIFY them, OWN them, and SPEAK them.
This is a massive problem, because we can’t CREATE what we want until we FEEL what we want as an uplifting, expansive energy in our core.
When you think of something you really want but have not yet created in your reality, you could be like most people —  they quickly move to suppress their desire because they don’t know how it’s going to come together.  This desire can feel so important yet far out of reach, which can spark the immediate question: “How is that going to ever happen?”
What if I could show you the solution to getting everything you want?  Big claim, I know.
Watch this week’s Awaken TV episode so I can share with you an important reminder about how to create more of what you want, more easily.
Remember, you have a job when it comes to manifesting something, and then your Higher Power has a job.  People get that order backwards which screws the whole thing up.  I explain more in the video.
It’s an important message if you feel you don’t easily create the life you want in all areas – health, relationships, finances, career, etc.
Watch it here, and then post a comment below the video. I’d love to know what you think.
Much love,