How spiritually fit are you?

It’s an important question for everyone in our tribe, no matter what spiritual path or religious tradition you follow.

One way I describe the ‘awakened state’ is to KNOW oneself as perfection, unconditional love, deep peace, and freedom— and to live it through our actions and service.

The awakened state is to KNOW our essential nature so intimately that the ‘seeking mind’ falls away.

To have your seeking and grasping mind take a back seat — while unconditional love pours from you to those who have hurt you — requires a particular physical and energetic vessel.

If your vessel is not spiritually fit, you will continue to seek spiritual awakening and peace, while trying to manifest things to make you happy.

You will continue to be stuck in the loop you may find yourself in these days.

In this week’s Awaken TV I take you through a quick quiz of a few questions to check out just how spiritually fit you are, and how to up-level your fitness in the important areas.

Watch it here and share it with other like-minded friends.

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