You sometimes think you know, but you don’t.

You do not know exactly where your Higher Power is leading you. We can sometimes only see the Divine Perfection of our journey when we look back upon it.

That little result that you judge as not grand enough, is leading you to the biggest desire you have.

Watch this short video if you are feeling down about how hard you are working for the small results (or no results) you are getting.

Elevated Woman – Interview Series

I’m excited to share with you an interesting conversation I had with Anya Grace, Divine Feminine Empowerment Leader and founder of EastWest Woman. In this interview we talked about what is really needed if women are going to step into their full power and leadership.


Anya teamed up with over thirty others including Sally Kempton, Yasmin Boland, Jairek Robbins, Namaste Moore and Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan to talk about masculine and feminine dynamics, and how to activate your feminine energy – so you can create the love that you desire and the life that you deserve.


During the interview series, you’ll learn how to:


  • Activate your magnetic feminine energy
  • Move past limiting beliefs, painful patterns, and low self-worth
  • Become radiantly attractive to everyone and anything
  • Magnetize wealth and abundance
  • Level-up your love life in ALL ways
  • Find resources to heal from trauma
  • Feel hopeful and re-energized to accomplish your dreams


My interview with Anya will be released on Feb 18.  Register for the free series today.
Much love,


Rachael Jayne