One thing you may have noticed after experiencing a spiritual awakening, is you see things through a different set of eyes.

These new eyes see perfection everywhere, even in situations where most people only see pain, misfortune, or things that have gone wrong. These new eyes can also see the truth of our interconnectedness with greater clarity.

Our tribe is full of people who have had awakenings of all sorts that have led to more loving hearts, greater awareness of one’s triggers, greater depths of compassion for more sentient beings, and much more.

But there is a classic ego maneuver common to everyone after an initial awakening.

I’m speaking about the judgmental mind.

Have you ever noticed how we can become judgmental of people who appear to be “less aware” than us?

You might feel bad after making that judgment, because you thought you had awakened “past that,” but now you notice your ego is still there. Damn!

Here’s a simple, powerful practice to not get trapped by your judgmental mind and to let the awakening journey unfold with greater grace.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne