If you were unable to get to The Awakening this year, we’re giving you a sneak peek into one of the sessions on the training.

This particular session was on how to lead with a magnetic presence and attract the attention you want. Everyone in the room was there to learn how to make a larger impact with their message and business.

I had a man and a woman come up on stage so I could demonstrate how quickly people can shift their energy into a very magnetic, open, attractive, and compelling state.

After I gave each of them three instructions to activate their primary sexual essence I asked for feedback from the audience. I wanted to hear what the crowd felt was different about both the man and woman after my instructions.

When I called for feedback for our gentleman, a woman in the front row simply shouted out, “Dang!”

The level of magnetism and radiance that was emanating from these two individuals doesn’t come through the video camera as much as I hoped, but in the room they had us transfixed.

Watch the interaction here and find out the 3 instructions I gave them. These will help you activate your feminine energy or masculine energy more which will increase your magnetism.  Notice what they said they felt when they followed the instructions.

This is a perfect demonstration to watch if you are:

– Single and wanting to attract a wonderful partner

– Sick of people not noticing you and your brilliance

– A leader (possibly a reluctant leader) who wants to command attention with less effort

– Confused about why people don’t respond to you the way that you want

Watch this fun session from The Awakening event here.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne

P.S. If you haven’t seen the dates for our next Art of Feminine Presence® trainings you can check them out here. These are for courageous women who are ready to be seen, be heard and inspire change – in a time that we really need this.