Here are a few of my tips for easy last-minute gift ideas that are eco-friendly, compassionate, cost effective and show you care.

The video below talks you through some ways to pull this off with class.

Give a high-quality, lightly used item that you own and don’t need anymore.
Let’s face it, we all have more than we need.  I’m a big believer in only keeping things in your home, closet, or jewelry drawer that spark joy when you look at it, use it, or wear it.  What you have that is beautiful, but feels like it wants a new home?

Also start planning for next year, and consider doing a ‘Holiday Gift Swap’ a few weeks before Christmas with your friends,  co-workers or community. You can bring high quality, lightly used items to swap and then everyone walks away with new presents to give—or receive.

Give the gift of an experience.
Would they love a massage?  What about a night of baby sitting on you so they can go out? An afternoon at the local fun park with the family or tickets to the most well-reviewed museum in town, or a concert are things that can gift the soul.

Be mindful and don’t include animal products in your gifts.
Not everyone likes discussing this topic because food choices can be an emotional topic for many, but there’s no way around the science that raising animals for food harms the environment. Reconsider putting that ham or specialty meat in any gift hamper. Put something else that they would love just as much or more.  Organic dark chocolate, dried mango or papaya, gorgeous herbal tea assortments, just for some ideas.

Write a letter instead of a card.
Instead of buying a pack of cards with only a few words written on them, what about writing a lovely one-page letter?  What about writing out the top ten reasons why you love that person so much? One of my best friends did that for me one year and I have kept it ever since.  I can’t remember the physical gift she also gave, but I remember that Top 10 list.

Watch the video here on some ways to make these gift ideas work. I shot it this week, on our last day in Hawaii.

Everyone here at Groover Seminars wishes you a very relaxing, enlightening, and rejuvenating holiday season.

Thanks for being part of our family.

Much love,

Rachael Jayne