Today we head to the final segment of THE BEST TRIP of our lives.

Next stop – Japan. This country feels like our 3rd homeland (after the US and Aussie-land of course). I love feeling like a citizen of the world more than tied to one country.

In this week’s Awaken TV episode I will ask your opinion on why you believe this was the most amazing trip, out of all the amazing trips we’ve been blessed with over the last few years.

You might ask: Why would I spend time watching a short video about how awesome you feel Rachael Jayne about some awesome experience you went on?

I believe your opinion will tell YOU a lot about how you approach life, relationships, and challenges that are thrown at you.

Watch the video here and post a comment or question below.

If you are truly committed to your own awakening and want to experience creating a life that thrills you — or is at least easier than the one you are experiencing now, I urge you to ponder my point in this video this week.

The reason why I believe this was the best trip ever is the same reason I feel more empowered and unconditionally happy by the day.

I wish that experience for everyone.

Much love,