It’s time to click that button. You know the one. The ‘Unfriend’ button.
I’d bet you $1000 there is someone you need to ‘Unfriend.’
Why? Because people we surround ourselves with have a powerful effect on our ability to manifest what we want — usually far more then we realize.
Other people influence us to feel a certain way whether we like it or not. We need to protect ourselves from focusing on what makes us feel bad, unworthy, insufficient, or incompetent.
Watch this short Awaken TV episode to get clear on who you need to spend less time seeing or following.
For me, I had a massive A-ha last year about a group of people that I actually liked, but today I wanted to share why I had to spend less time with them if I was going to ramp up my ability to align and create more in the flow.
Watch the video here.



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