We made a big move last week.

At our team retreat this February someone ignited the idea of moving to a place that was more of a sanctuary on some gorgeous land with nature. Well, that has now manifested— much sooner than any of us expected.

We call this new place ‘Miracle Hill.’  It was a miracle manifestation that has taught us a ton about individual and collective power.  Within 7 months we created what was seemingly impossible.

I took a short walk around some of the grounds of the new home and office headquarters yesterday and captured it on video so you can see where all the magic will be happening.  I also share one important reminder to help you move towards the miracle you want to create.

Watch the video here.

Finally, our team is looking forward to meeting all of you who are attending Awaken Your Impact® next week in Denver.   You can still join us if you are an entrepreneur who wants to reach a wider audience and become more magnetic to the miracles you want to create.  Register here:
Awaken Denver
Awaken Melbourne

Much love,