I felt this truth so strongly this month that I can’t deny it any longer.

I don’t know if it feels like good news or bad news at the moment, but it’s emphatically true for me.

If you are a person who wants to:
– be happy
– be in a fulfilling and healthy relationship
– evolve spiritually
– realize greater wisdom (not just speak about it)
– quieten the mind that keeps you stressed, working too hard, procrastinating and/or anxious…


Is that good news or bad news for you?

Since first learning a meditation practice 20 years ago I have resisted this knowing all my life. Even though I teach a powerful form of meditation all over the world, especially for women wanting to develop their feminine energy, presence and levels of joy in their body, I have resisted my own daily practice. There have been times when weeks turn into months of not meditating — and boy, can I feel the difference.

For the last 3 weeks I have been meditating in a particular way that has me feeling strong and more than 20% happier during my day. Insights come, and worries go away. Spontaneous combustion of my heart chakra happens with the smallest joys. I feel more powerful and free, in the truest sense of those words.

No denial anymore.

Given my commitment to take time every day to meditate, I wanted to share in this week’s Awaken TV episode the most enjoyable way I have found to meditate over the last 20 years.

Watch it here and let me know what you think below the video.


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