Call me weird.

This book has changed my life.

I found it on my sister-in-law’s coffee table and read it cover-to-cover right there and then.

I think we all dream of having a house and office that sparks joy in everyone who enters because it’s clear of clutter and full of things that immediately put us in a state of gratitude.

Well, if you are not feeling fully joyful when you walk into your house or office these days, you need to watch this week’s Awaken TV episode.

If you find it hard to focus when you want and relax when you need, watch this.

Watch how and why I have given away bags and boxes of ‘stuff’ out already and I’m only just getting started.


The Life-Changing Magic Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Grab your copy here

Here’s to giving up the old, and making way for the new.

Much love,