70 of our clients birthed the first draft of their book this week in Hawaii.
Some of those births were easy, some not so easy. But each premise of every book is riveting. Why is that?
Because they didn’t write their books from their strategic mind. They wrote from the right-brain, highly intuitive, creative, divinely inspired place inside them that creates cutting-edge, exciting, and revealing ideas.
To some degree, everyone has resistance to being in the flow of their creativity. Some people think creativity is a God-given talent that they were not blessed with. Some people are creative, but they put pressure on themselves to be perfect or to perform. Some people get into the creative flow, but their limited mind comes in quickly to say “that’s crap.” The problem is that they believe it.
On today’s Awaken TV episode I want to give you the #1 thing I believe is most important to understand about how we access or cut off our innovation and creativity. It’s the thing that is going to separate you from the rest of your industry or workplace— and it’s ecstatic when you flow in this space.

Watch the video here to find out what some of the books were about.
Much love,

P.S. If you want more information on our Spiritual Adventure and Writing Retreat that will be held in Hawaii in 2018, simply reply to this email us to let us know you want more information when we announce the details later this year. If you know there is a book in you, or you want to get your message out in a larger way, put this on your bucket list! It was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done.