There are things your soul wants to experience and succeed at. Those things show up as desires and ‘happy daydreams.’

But when your ‘small self’ tries to push those desires away, it always eventually leads to you feeling bad.

You might try to talk yourself out of your own desires by saying things like…

“You’re too old, the time has past”
or “You’re too young, no one will take you seriously.”

“You’ve not been able to manifest that thing yet, so what makes you think you can do it now?”

“I think it’s just my ego wanting this time” or “This is a selfish desire and I have to think of my family first.”

“What about all the starving children in the world? I don’t deserve this desire.”

I know people mean well by these inner thoughts, but when we squash those desires emerging from our hearts, not only do we feel less happy, we cut off our power to create what we want.

In my video this week I will share some gems to help you learn to stop squashing your desires and live a fulfilling life. I also share a story a woman just shared in the training I am currently leading that is important for you to hear.  It’s important because you most likely have a similar story— and it’s driving you to play smaller.  We all have this story to some degree.

Watch it here.


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