When you become more aligned, magic happens.
When you realize it takes less push and more presence, your desires arrive sooner.
I viscerally felt that last week when I experienced one of the biggest joys of my life – leading our Art of Feminine Presence® Intensive in Denver.
Thanks to everyone who made it such a potent — yet hard to describe — transformational experience. Now many more ladies know – this work is not the usual seminar or event.
Today, I want to talk about Financial Abundance in a little more detail than I did last week at the intensive.
This Awaken TV episode is going to support you to open the floodgates to abundance.
I share the #1 Promise you MUST make to yourself to have financial abundance easily flow into your life.
Plus, I want you to write down the 4 questions I pose so you can think about and answer these all week long.
Like most of us, I’ve had a gloomy financial past. That has completely changed in recent years. I had to make a promise to myself for that change to occur. So do you. Watch the short video and post a comment or question here:

Much love,

P.S. We have 3 more international opportunities to experience Art of Feminine Presence® this year, and if you are a woman who is looking to create more financial flow, less conflict in your relationships, less fear, attract your soul mate, or attract more ease overall, this is not to be missed. If you are serious about your spiritual awakening and becoming an inspiring presence in the world, it’s not a question of are you going to attend one day, but when!
Here are the dates and details: http://FeminineSpiritualityandLeadership.com/events/home