If you want to expand your business or want to be self-employed in the future, I bet you want that because you believe it will bring a lot more joy into your life.

Well, too often people lose the opportunity for that joy because they choose the wrong business model.

In this week’s episode of Awaken TV, I share some important questions that will help you choose the right business model for you which will bring you the highest level of joy and fun.

I also share the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make at different stages of their business growth. I hope to shed some light on this so you don’t fall into the trap too many more times. I’m sure you’ve made this mistake before.  I’ve made it every year in business, so I am going to watch this video a few times myself.  😊

Watch the video here.


If you’ve ever had a dream of writing a book or a well-known blog or being an inspirational speaker— we are going to lay out the big picture for you.

We won’t be hyping or hiking up the numbers to let you think you can make millions a year in speaking (even though we have personally done that— yes, it IS possible). Basically, we want to give you a ‘doable’ plan. $100K per year doing what you love would be a great start!

We’ll be drawing out the map for you during this FREE 2-hour training via LiveStream:

Unleash Your Natural Talent on Your Way to Six-Figures through speaking and writing.

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In the 1st hourWe’ll show you several models to reach $100K annually through speaking.

In the 2nd hourWe’ll show you a path to $100K through writing.

We are also going to throw in some of our best tips on how to reach out and land some great speaking gigs as well as how to tame the fear that has held you back.  After all, a plan is one thing, but execution is another.

We hope you can make it!

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Much love,

Rachael Jayne