Looking back at this week’s Awaken TV episode I judge myself for being so dramatic.
Why am I ‘jumping out of my skin’ given I’m talking about meditation?
Even though I teach a unique form of meditation especially designed for a woman’s body, and given I truly believe it’s NOT optional for those who want to awaken and become a more deliberate creator of their life, I’ve never been able to get myself to do it daily.
All that has changed for me— almost overnight. Now it’s one of my MOST favorite things, and I’m happy to say I’ve not missed a day in months. This change of routine is not coming from discipline.
If you know you need to meditate, and you want to meditate, but you are just not doing it, I urge you to watch this short video. I share what I am doing that is making me love it, and how you can do the same.



Feminine Presence Meditation™ CD

This is a series of meditative practices designed especially for women who want to increase their magnetic presence and feminine energy. These meditations can be used for healing your connection to your sexuality and to your heart. They return you to your power and connect you to your intuition. Let Rachael Jayne’s voice lead you through these enjoyable, centering, and enlivening meditations.