My ego got triggered a couple of times yesterday (as it does many days).
The first time was when someone made a comment directly to me that was kind of a passive-aggressive way to put me down so they could feel better about themselves.
I could feel my reaction through my body immediately. I breathed for a few seconds. I even said to myself, “let it go.”  Still, within another few seconds I said something back in an attempt to put myself back on my perch, (nicely of course).
Whether they felt me being triggered or not, it didn’t matter. I lost my center, I leaked energy, and it didn’t feel good.
Our life is a sum of the reactive patterns and habits we keep running.
If you do not have an hourly practice that allows you to stop your reactivity, you could be reading all the self-help or spiritual books in the world and doing tons of entertaining workshops but you will not experience an acceleration of your spiritual awakening.
This week’s Awaken TV episode will tap into the core of why we keep creating the same situations, arguments, types of relationships, and triggers.
Watch it here.

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Much love,
Rachael Jayne
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