This week I am in a different kind of paradise.
It’s paradise for me for several reasons:
1) I’m in Hawaii. Need I say more?
2) 70 of our nearest and dearest clients have flown here to join us. We are taking them through a divinely inspired process to have them finish the first drafts of their book while they are here.
3) I’ll be staying here a little longer to put the final touches on my next book that will be released early next year. I love writing: it’s my soul food.
I wanted to share why I am finishing off my book specifically in Hawaii, with an important reminder for anyone who wants to make a dream of theirs a reality. This tip will help you make that dream come true and keep things from getting in the way of making that happen.
Watch this Awaken TV episode from the backyard of our event, overlooking Turtle Bay on the famous North Shore of Oahu.

Post a comment below the video and let me know what dream you are going to ‘file away.’ You’ll understand what I mean when you watch the video.
Much love,