Have you ever found yourself saying, “that just doesn’t feel authentic to me.”
I used to say it often, but try not to say it as much anymore.
If you are committed to a path of spiritual awakening, psychological awareness, and becoming a powerful conscious creator of your life, I urge you to dig deeper into what ‘being authentic’ really means.
If you use the word ‘authentic’ regularly, it could be keeping you stuck in a box full of old patterns, even though you feel very good and ‘aware’ saying it.
In this Awaken TV video I share what I believe it truly takes to be ‘authentic’ and it’s not what most spiritually-centered people think. I stunned quite a few ladies at our last training with my definition.
If you struggle in any type of relationship, or have a secret dream which you are not allowing yourself to pursue, watch this now.
It’s time to get out of the box you’ve been keeping yourself in (or others have been trying to keep you in).

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Much love,
Rachael Jayne