I looked at the crowd of hopeful faces I had to break the news to.
Some people took what I said as bad news.  Most took it as good news, however, because it helped them understand why they have felt so discouraged at times while trying to build their businesses.
There are 3 things many start-up business owners don’t get a handle on, and then spend too many years in frustration.  At both Awaken Your Impact® events I estimate that 90% of the audience did NOT have a handle on these 3 things. That shocked me.
Find out what I shared during the recent Awaken Your Impact® events in the USA and Australia that helped so many people have huge breakthroughs about why things have seemed tougher than they needed to be.
Watch the short video here if you are not reaching your full business potential.

We are only offering this opportunity once in the next 12 months.  It’s our intensive year long program called Awaken Your Impact MASTERY.
It will stretch you.
It will help you complete a compelling speech that attracts clients, speech after speech.
It will help you not let your fear stop you from being seen in a larger way.
It will help you complete the writing and marketing of your book.
It will help you reach a larger audience.
It is a 5-figure investment.
We are only after committed people who are willing to take action and make some big changes in how they impact the world.
Email Support@GrooverSeminars.com now if you would like a complimentary strategy session to determine whether this could help you make the quantum leap in your mission you’re looking for.
Just email Support@GrooverSeminars.com and put ‘Interested in Mastery’ in the subject line.
Much love,
Rachael Jayne