Wilka Zelders

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands - Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Level 1 Teacher

About Wilka Zelders

For 25 years Wilka has been working in the field of energetic and spiritual awareness. Being a single mom since 1990, and running her own business since 1998, she had to develop both her masculine and her feminine qualities while staying true to her inner guidance. Over the years, she learned how to create and sustain harmony and coherence within herself as well as with the energies of the cosmic, earthly and social domain. In addition to being a mother, artist, healer, life coach and teacher, she is now very happy to integrate the teachings of The Art of Feminine Presence in her work. The simplicity of the practices and the sensual beauty of the meditation continue to help her dive deeper in the magical powers of the Divine Mother. Wilka sincerely believes that women play a crucial role in the co-creation of a new world, and she is passionate about offering the AFP Classes to all women who want to experience their own unique power and presence in an authentic way, and share that with the world as the beautiful, powerful, feminine co-creators that we truly are.


AFP kennismakingsdag
Zaterdag 30 Juli: in Delft
Van 10.00 – 17.00 uur
Contact en opgave: info@marjowaardijk.nl

AFP basistraining – voor vrouwen die gezien willen worden en op haar manier willen leven en werken.
– Zondag 4 September: Hoe blijf ik krachtig en veilig in mijn vrouwelijke lijf
– Zondag 18 September: Ik wil genieten van vrouwelijk en krachtig aanwezig zijn
– Zondag 9 Oktober: Hoe werkt de Yin -Yang dynamiek in mij
– Zondag 13 November: De kracht van mijn schaduw ontdekken en bevrijden
Alle dagen van 10.00 – 17.00 uur
Lokatie: Maasland (tussen Den Haag en Rotterdam)
Contact en opgave: info@marjowaardijk.nl

AFP-special: De Keizerin van Yin – voor krachtige, sensuele vrouwen.
Programma van zeven dagen, eventueel los te volgen:
–    Dag 1 – Zaterdag 3 September: The Art of Feeling
–    Dag 2 – Zaterdag 17 September: The Art of Presence & Flexibility
–    Dag 3 – Zaterdag 22 Oktober: The Art of Awakening & Growing Life Force Energy
–    Dag 4 – Zondag 23 Oktober: The Art of Containment
–    Dag 5 – Zaterdag 12 November: The Art of Expansion
–    Dag 6 – Zaterdag 10 December: The Art of Sharing Life Force Energy
–    Dag 7 – Zondag 8 Januari 2017: The Art of Relaxing into being
Lokatie: Maasland (tussen Den Haag en Rotterdam)
Alle dagen van 10.00 – 17.00 uur
Contact en opgave: info@marjowaardijk.nl

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