Suzanne Beukema

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands - Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Level 1 Teacher

About Suzanne Beukema

In my Feminine Power speech, masterclasses and online courses I teach women how to use their feminine power for more joy, self confidence and impact in their life, love life and career.

In all my trainings I combine the powerful practices from the Art of Feminine Presence™ with HeartIQ™ coaching, mixed with only the best tools I’ve learned from many years of doing personal development.

For most of my life I let the belief “I’m not good enough” and judging myself hold me back. After 15+ years of working behind the scenes as a tv producer of many big shows, I know what it’s like to have to survive as a highly sensitive woman in a masculine environment. My life changed completely when I discovered how to live from my feminine power and essence.

I fully believe there IS a shortcut to happiness, and it’s when a woman turns on the feminine power in her belly.

Every woman who wants to live life to the max, make a difference and  raise happy children should know these techniques.

I love teaching all of this, especially shadow work, which helps a woman transform the parts of herself she feels most insecure or judgmental about into her biggest gifts.

I feel so blessed to call myself an AFP Teacher and would love to hear from you how I can help you.


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