Susan E. Morrison

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

Level 2 Teacher

About Susan E. Morrison

Susan E. Morrison is a Certified Art of Feminine Presence Facilitator, and a Communication & Relationship Coach. She supports women, just like you, in connecting to your radiance and feminine presence, so you can feel Seen, Heard and be Deeply Met in your relationship with a conscious masculine man.  After struggling most of her life to “make things happen”, Susan has discovered the joy and relaxation of being grounded and feeling alive, while connected to her desires. She is uncovering new levels of depth of intimacy and satisfaction with her life partner.


Susan mentors single women and women in relationships, through groups, workshops, 1 day events, VIP days, and private 1:1 coaching, locally and globally.


If you want to learn to be more Powerful AND Feminine, and enjoy your relationships, while easily getting your needs met, Susan’s Conscious Relationship Skills & Art of Feminine Presence practices are for you.


Call or email for more information on current offerings or if you have a group of cherished women who are interested in a workshop.


What women are saying……………….


“Connecting to my feminine essence and power, has allowed me to be more present, confident and to both heal and create powerful possibilities for myself.


“Susan creates a safe space to express the challenges I go through as a women.”


Wendy R. –Class participant


Please contact Susan for details on classes.

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