Rhonda Maria Farrah

Location: San Clemente, California, Afghanistan

Level 1 Teacher

About Rhonda Maria Farrah

Rhonda M. Farrah MA, DRWA applies her experience and education as a LIFEstyle Coach, Author, Speaker, and licensed Art of Feminine Presence teacher specializing in Wellness Empowerment in body, mind, Spirit, relationship, and society.  Rhonda assists women in utilizing their Authentic Power from within, actualizing their Essence & desires.  She has a demonstrated talent for inspiring and guiding individuals in a positive direction for betterment.  Her Spiritual strength, through a variety of personal & professional LIFE challenges, has enabled her to turn adversity into opportunity.  Rhonda’s creative endeavors are dedicated to individual Empowerment and the collective conscious evolution of humankind, so we may align perfectly with our Source, fulfilling our Purpose while enjoying its Process.


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