Melody K.F. Chan

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Level 1 Teacher

About Melody K.F. Chan

Melody is passionate about personal growth, leadership, travel and beauty, which she believes will bring joy, wisdom, vibrancy and harmony into life.


She has a passion for helping women to reveal their inner beauty and their uniqueness by dressing according to their personalities. As an image consultant, she works with women from all walks of life and helps them to dress confidently, look great and feel good about themselves. She is a licensed teacher of Level I The Art of Feminine Presence®. She is excited to integrate the Art of Feminine Presence® principals into her practices as an image consultant in order to empower women.


With the Art of Feminine Presence®, she has come to recognize the power of femininity and develop the deeper appreciation her own feminine essence and presence. She is delighted to guide you to connect with your inner power and to discover your feminine presence, which will make a positive impact on your personal and professional life.


She conducts The Art of Feminine Presence® workshops and classes, and also provides private coaching within a safe and supportive environment.


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